Alexandra is a writer and multi-textural artist currently undertaking a Masters of Arts (Research) at Deakin University.

Her theoretical work focuses on the concept of the ‘line’ as an utterance and notation symbol within the act of process.

Line is considered as both a volumising or qualifying force as well as a static slither etched upon the paper on which she works.

Line is the crux at which we consider the difficulty of translation – the unraveling of the act between recording data and understanding meaning.

Her methodology focuses on the reuse of discarded materials (or waste volume) and the interplay between transparencies and weightlessness in her choices of paper on which to print.

She approaches artistic practice as a science of trial and error, where even amassed failures are re purposed and reused to create new works.

Currently, she is working on a series of four large-format linocut prints for a collection with the tentative title, ‘Outer Worlds.’